'General Hospital' Weekly Recap: Week of 4/14-4/18

By Sari N. Kent,

Upon Levi’s urging, Maxie asked Nathan to move out, Nathan learned that Obrecht was his mother and that Britt is his sister, Ned warned Tracy about “Luke’s” real reason for marrying her, AJ continued to haunt Sonny, Carlos was arrested for AJ’s murder, “Luke” tried to force himself on Kiki, but she fought back, Jordan told Julian that she wanted in on the drug action now in Port Charles and Spencer confronted “Luke” about his exchange with Julian at Nikolas’ engagement party.

Dante and Lulu woke up in bed at home with Rocco. She asked what Obrecht wanted the night before and he told her that she wanted all the charges against her dropped – in exchange for their other embryo. Lulu didn’t believe it but Dante told her that Obrecht insisted that she kept it as a bargaining chip despite what Britt said about it not being viable.

At home, a shirtless Nathan offered to make coffee but Levi offered a homemade detoxifying tea instead. He then told Nathan that he had given advice to Britt about her love life and thought all Nikolas needed was the courage to forgive her. Levi then added that he thought Nathan needed to same courage to forgive his mom.

Frustrated, Nathan grabbed Levi, but Maxie interrupted and broke up the exchange. Levi then said that they needed to get away from the negative energy and he and Maxie left. Once they were alone, Nathan wished Britt luck with Nikolas. She replied that she just hoped that he hadn’t stopped loving her. Later, Maxie told Levi that the baby Britt had to give up was Dante and Lulu’s biological son. She also couldn’t believe Nathan slept with Britt but Levi corrected her and told her they just talked all night. Levi then added that he thought Nathan’s negativity was toxic, could eat away at Maxie’s progress and that Nathan needed to go. Maxie replied that she couldn’t just ask him to leave but Levi told her that she had every right since it was her apartment.

In their cells, Madeline asked Obrecht not to tell Nathan he was her son, but Obrecht thought it could be catastrophic if he slept with Britt. Madeline wondered what the odds were of that happening. Obrecht then said that she was sure Madeline would be in jail the rest of her life for killing her daughter, but Madeline suggested that she had her own ticket to freedom. Obrecht doubted it.

A cop came to bring Obrecht up to go see Dante. She ran into Nathan on the way and begged to talk to him, but he refused to listen and she was led off. Once they were alone, Nathan told Madeline that he drank his sorrows away with the daughter of her cellmate. Madeline asked if he slept with her but he wouldn’t tell her. She then told him that he could never sleep with her because she was his sister. Madeline then explained that her last name wasn’t West, it was Westbourne and she wasn’t his mother, Obrecht was, which made Britt his sister.

Upstairs, Michael stormed into PCPD and wailed at Anna for not finding AJ’s killer yet. She told him they were focusing on the burglar who threatened AJ, that they didn’t have an ID yet, but they traced his dropped gun to an illegal dealer they were closing in on now. Michael then apologized for yelling and told her that he just got the call to pick up AJ’s death certificate. She apologized for his loss and then he left. Obrecht was brought up and accused Anna again of killing Faison. Then Dante and Lulu arrived and Obrecht commented that her freedom had arrived.

Dante then told Anna that it could be nothing and she waited outside. Inside the PCPD interrogation room, they asked Obrecht about the embryo. She promised them that it was safe and would return it to them once they give her full immunity from all prosecution, and the same for Britt. Outside the interrogation room, Anna was told that the gun dealer was on his way and she was sure it was only a matter of time before the burglar was identified.

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