“General Hospital” weekly recap – Week of 4/21-4/25

By Sari N. Kent,

Spencer tried to keep Emma safe from “Luke’s” threats, Sabrina, Patrick and Emma got ran off the road and Sabrina went into premature labor, a number of people came out for AJ’s memorial service, Ned and Kiki’s plan to show “Luke” being skanky in front of Tracy backfired, Carlos told Franco that Ava ordered him to kill AJ and Morgan found Ava and Sonny in the crypt after they had sex to “release” their demons and confronted them about their betrayal!

Michael dropped by Sonny’s house on his way to AJ’s funeral. He asked Sonny to go with him. Sonny doubted AJ would want him there. Michael explained that he learned to love AJ, but he needed Sonny to lean on for support. Sonny still thought it was a bad idea because it would upset Monica too much. Once Michael left, AJ returned to haunt and taunt Sonny, who then flashed through everything that occurred when he shot AJ.

Spencer showed up at the Quartermaine mansion and accused “Luke” of plotting against his Uncle Sonny. Spencer then told him what he overheard between him and Julian at the Cassadine stables. “Luke” suggested that he get his ears fixed and that he was mistaken. Spencer then complained about being dumped and asked him to stop his plans against Sonny or he would blab everything he heard to Sonny. “Luke's” eyes then darted around and he informed Spencer that he'd heard too much and asked him to keep quiet about all of it. When Spencer refused to do so “Luke” threatened to hurt him, but Spencer stood his ground and then warned “Luke” that his father would come after him if he hurt him. "Your father is a pompous jerk," “Luke” said before he then threatened to hurt Emma instead if Spencer blabbed. Then Sonny walked in.

Franco was at the PCPD chatting with Diane in the office. She was surprised to hear about him trashing his hotel room. He tried to stop her from halting the charges, but that wasn’t easy. Diane then guessed that he wanted to be locked up. In the interrogation room, Carlos was on the phone with Ava. He refused to co-operate with her so she threatened to go after Sabrina and her unborn baby. This enraged Carlos, but Ava continued to mock him and threatened Sabrina again. Then Dante walked in and took the phone away from Carlos. He then took it out to Diane and gave her 10 seconds with Franco, who still didn't want her help. She then went in to see Carlos. He informed her he was pleading the fifth. Diane wasn't thrilled that neither man seemed to want her legal help and left.

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