Georgia man confesses to murdering, dismembering law student

By Michelle Kapusta,

A man in Georgia was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday after confessing to murdering and dismembering his classmate in 2011.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Stephen Mark McDaniel received the sentence after pleading guilty to the malice murder of law school classmate Lauren Giddings.

The Macon Telegraph reported that McDaniel wrote a detailed one-page confession describing the brutal murder and eventual dismemberment of his neighbor.

Prosecutors found video McDaniel’s recorded to spy on Giddings before he strangled her to death.

After peeping through her blinds the sicko sneaked into her apartment in the middle of the night and began to watch her as she slept. At some point, she awoke and the two began to struggle. McDaniel got the upper hand and choked his victim till her body went limp.

In his confession, he stated that he dumped Giddings lifeless body in the bathtub and returned later to dismember her with a hacksaw.

McDaniel’s received the life sentence in exchange for the confession. He will be eligible for parole in 2041, but prosecutors doubt he will ever be a free man again.



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