Georgia woman gets life in prison for stabbing sister to death

By Victoria Greene,

A Georgia woman has been convicted to life in prison for stabbing her sister to death.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chakaya Brittney Folborg, 24, admitted to killing her adopted sister, Kourtney Chanel Dyches, in their Mableton home on Feb. 20, 2012 as part of a plea deal.

Authorities believe Folborg’s murderous action stemmed from an argument she had with Dyches earlier that day, but that tensions were already high due to their living situation.

The sisters did not lived together until about a month before the killing, but the house they shared was small and the situation was uncomfortable.

According to The New York Daily News, Folborg took a knife from the kitchen and held onto it for two hours before she stabbed Dyches, who was in the shower.

From behind the bathroom door, the mother of the women and their 12-year-old sister pleaded with Folborg to stop when they heard the commotion, but Folborg did not heed to their calls.

She stabbed Dyches at least six times, killing her.

At the time both women were 21-years-old.

Dyches had been adopted into the family as an infant.

Folborg has been sentenced to life in prison. She will be eligible for parole after serving 30 years.



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