A glass of wine a day could decrease your risk of chronic kidney disease by 37 percent

By Amanda Stewart,

A study has found that consuming a moderate amount of wine could reduce the chance of chronic kidney disease.

That’s right! According to a new study conducted by University of Colorado-Denver researchers, drinking wine at moderate levels can keep the risk CKD low. According to Headlines & Global News, those previously diagnosed with CKD can also drink wine moderately to ward off cardiovascular disease.

"Kidney disease shares common risk factors with cardiovascular disease, and previous studies have shown that wine consumption has an association with lower risk of cardiovascular disease in the general population," lead study author Dr. Tapan Mehta told Fox News.

Now, obviously too much of anything is bad. However, according to Science World Report, when consumed in moderation, wine can actually protect your kidneys against disease.

What researchers are still not sure of is the benefit of white versus red wine and the exact amount that each patient in the study consumed daily. Researchers assume red wine would be best because of its benefits for the heart. They aren't even exactly sure how wine helps.

In the study, researchers found those who enjoy a glass of wine each day were 37 percent less likely to develop CKD. Those who were already diagnosed with CKD and drank wine daily were 29 percent less likely to contract a cardiovascular disease as well compared to those who don’t drink.

The researchers used National Health and Nutrition Examination survey data over a three year period, 2003 to 2006, which had 5,852 participants.



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