‘Glee’-Cap: ‘The Backup Plan’

By Lauren DuBois,
Rachel, Blaine & Santana all get life-changing deals

New York is starting to give great opportunities to the McKinley kids.


Rachel has been enjoying her stardom since Funny Girl’s Opening—until her agent gives her some bad news. He thinks Funny Girl is as good as it will ever get for her.

Since then, the monotony of doing the role over and over again is getting to her as she sings “Wake Me Up.” After a performance a FOX representative comes to see her and tells her he has a pilot he thinks she’s great for—a TV show called Song of Solomon. He’d like for her to come out to L.A. and test for it. The only problem is she has shows for Funny Girl.

She’s not allowed to have the day off—so she goes to L.A. and pretends to be sick.

At her audition she mistakenly thinks the song is a musical and sings "The Rose,” at her audition. She is corrected that it’s not a musical and doesn’t do so well when she reads for it as a result.

After the audition she finds out her understudy can’t go on tonight either—she has until 7:30 to get back to New York. In a panic, she calls Kurt, who enlists Mercedes and Santana for extra help. Santana then goes on for Rachel despite having quit as her understudy much earlier.

Rachel is grateful to Santana but admits she’s worried that she will be fired because Sydney wants her to come in for a meeting.

Sydney doesn’t fire her, as it turns out. He wanted to, but he simply can’t, because the show needs her. But he promises her if she pulls another stunt like that she will not only be fired but she will never work on Broadway again She leaves in tears.

However, she then gets a call from the Hollywood producer who tried recruiting her. She didn’t get a part in the show she auditioned for—but they want to give her a development project of a show about her life. So now she must decide if her heart lies in Hollywood or on Broadway.


Kurt is excited because a wealthy socialite with an eye for talent named June Dollowy (guest star Shirtley Maclaine) is coming to NYADA and he and Blaine get to perform at a ceremony devoted to her. The fiances sing “Story of my Life” for her and she’s impressed—but not with Kurt. Her eye has spotted Blaine.

June reiterates how much she wants to make Blaine a star, and the two sing “Piece of my Heart” together at a charity event.

Blaine is excited by the opportunities June can give him, especially when she says she’s going to do a show that showcases his talent. However, she shoots down his plans to include Kurt and gives him some unexpected advice—break off his engagement.

Now he’s unsure of what to do.


Mercedes can’t get a marketable single on her album, and enlists Santana for help. The two begin recording “Doo Wop (That Thing)” outside the studio because it gives them a great new sound.

After how well it goes, Mercedes wants to recruit Santana to be her duet partner—but her producer tells her no. Santana gets upset but tells Mercedes not to worry about it.

But Mercedes doesn’t let it die. In fact, she decides to risk her record deal for her friend. It’s a duet with Santana or nothing at all.



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