‘Glee’-Cap: ‘Tested’

By Lauren DuBois,
The big bad sex question once again pervades the lives of McKinley’s favorite alums.

Sex becomes an issue for everyone once again, but in several different ways.


Initially, Blaine just loves food in New York. But then he realizes he has gained the Freshman 15, and he’s realizing that Kurt is getting hotter while he isn’t. And he’s jealous because the power of their relationship appears to have shifted.

Kurt, however, is feeling more confident than ever with himself—though he takes note of how Blaine is feeling. But when they have a just them date night, things go horribly awry when Kurt finds porn on Blaine’s computer—after they haven’t been intimate in weeks.

The two, who are in a stage combat class together, get into a HUGE fight over the porn thing, and seriously attack each other while fencing in class after singing “Love Is a Battlefield.”

Finally, the two talk it out and Blaine admits his insecurities, especially since Kurt doesn’t appear to need him anymore. He also admits he is insecure because he doesn’t feel good about himself—and he looked at the porn because he felt like it wouldn’t judge him. But Kurt tells him he wouldn’t do that either, and they make up. The episode ends with them working together to help Blaine feel better about himself again.


Artie has loved how much New York has improved his love life. He’s hooking up with two girls named Vanessa and Jessica, and has his heart set on another girl named Julie. He’s “Addicted to Love.”

However, his life changes drastically when he gets tested for an STD and it comes back positive for Chlamydia. The guys are shocked—especially when Artie admits he’s never used a condom while having sex. Needless to say, things don’t go well when he tells Vanessa, who freaks out, though Jessica is cool with it. And then Julie finally asks him out.

However, the date is awkward because Artie brings up sex—and just simply says they shouldn’t have it for a week to 10 days. Julie thinks it's weird that he would bring it up when it's only their first date. When Artie apologizes to her later for it being so weird, he admits his diagnosis and loses his chances with her for good.


Sam and Mercedes are doing well as a couple—until Mercedes admits she is still a virgin. Sam seems cool with it, but thinks she’s just nervous because he isn’t one. He gets tested for STDs, which reveals he’s clean when Mercedes takes him to church. But she still says she isn’t sure she wants to go all the way and sings “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

Mercedes then talks to Rachel about sex, and how she knew it was right the first time, but Rachel tells her you don’t really know. It’s not helpful for Mercedes when she goes on a date with Sam to the diner, where the issue seems to be making things awkward between them. The date ends with her singing “Let’s Wait Awhile.”

Afterwards, Mercedes drops a bomb on Sam—she wants to wait until marriage. Though it seems like he may end things, Sam then reveals in a sweet and romantic way (albeit dangerous with the sheer volume of lit candles in the apartment) that while he thinks sex is great—being with her and in love is better.

The episode ends this story with Rachel and Mercedes talking again and bringing up Rachel’s love life post-Finn. Rachel insists that she’s “closed for business,” but Mercedes reminds her that it would be okay to move on eventually. Love could soon be on the way again for Rachel Berry. However, next week is opening night of Funny Girl.



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