‘The Good Wife’ Recap: 'A Material World'

By Lena Finkel,

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve now left the first stage of grief (i.e. denial) and have fast-forwarded into stage four: depression. It’s week two of the aftermath of the Will Gardner shooting on The Good Wife and the ladies have just attended Will’s funeral.

Diane and Alicia are drunker than drunk and have never gotten along better! They’re getting along so well, in fact that the two even propose a merger of their two firms. (Because that wouldn’t have disastrous results or anything).

And the next morning the ladies are already seeing the consequences of their decision. Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos are representing opposing sides in a divorce case. David Lee is ready to go to war (like always) and Cary is pretending to be a tough guy. But when Diane and Alicia enter the room, its all smiles and the deal gets done in about two seconds flat.

But David Lee isn’t going to let Diane steal his thunder so quickly. So when bad boy Damien tells David about the girls’ agreement, David decides its time to oust Diane.

Diane is exhausted though. And when Kalinda alerts her to the coup, Diane doesn’t have the energy to fight them. Good thing she has Kalinda on her side! Kalinda rallies and uses her police friend (and by uses, I mean sleeps with) to collect dirt on Damien.

Meanwhile, Alicia is dealing with a little situation herself. After overhearing that the opposing attorney Finn Polmar from the Jeffrey Grant case is going to become the scapegoat for the whole event, she quickly turns into attack mode. She runs to warn Finn (who is, incidentally, the sweetest person to ever appear on the show) and offers up her services.

But by the time he needs her help, she’s collapsed into a depression. She takes to watching TV (what appears to be a mockery of Scandal) and lounging in her PJs.

Now that Alicia is nice and depressed, it’s the perfect time for Peter to initiate a conversation about their relationship! He tells her that she’s being a “selfish bitch” (and frankly, who can argue?) and that she should just get over it. She pretty much gives him the finger and tells him that their relationship is over, except in front of the press. Well, that’s gotta hurt.

Back at Lockhart/Gardner, Kalinda has basically saved Diane’s ass. She blackmails Damien and tells him to get the hell out (finally!). But there’s one roach she has yet to kill: David Lee. And David’s about to bring in the big guns! That’s right folks, it’s time to welcome back Louis Canning.

Considering how depressing The Good Wife has gotten recently, Michael J. Fox will definitely be a welcomed source of comic relief. We’ve only got about a month of episodes left and it looks like The Good Wife is finally ready to kick it up into high gear. Stay tuned!



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