Google celebrates April Fool's day with Pokemon challenge

By Rebekah Penner ,

Even Google can’t pass up a joke on April Fool’s Day. To commemorate the popular jokester holiday, Google has introduced a Pokémon Challenge.

The tech company started the tech world’s annual round of April Fool's Day gags with the challenge, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Google announced an update to the iPhone and Android Google Maps apps with the challenge through their LatLong blog on Monday. The challenge allows users to users on Google Maps to catch all the Pokémon. Using the app, participants can start the challenge by tapping the search bar at the top of the screen. As a result, a Pokeball figure will appear allowing people to start the competition.

This game is a part of Google’s fake search to find the Pokémon Master. April 2 is the deadline to apply to the challenge and follows in Google’s long-standing tradition of doing April’s Fools jokes.

In addition to jokes, Google recently celebrated International Women’s Day with a Doodle video as previously reported.



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