Green Eyes in Las Vegas: Book Review

By Patricia Streeter,

Las Vegas, Sin City, is known for its excitement, risqué adventures, gambling and more. To a tourist, it is the place to be. For Tiffany Black, it is flashy, slightly tacky and dangerous. Green Eyes in Las Vegas is the second book in the Tiffany Black Mystery series written by A. R. Winters.

Tiffany Black is a struggling private investigator, who wants to leave her current occupation as a card dealer. By day, she chases leads on two investigations. By night, she is on auto-pilot wishing she could leave this casino behind her. If she doesn’t solve these cases, she may never leave it.

Until that day comes, she devours delicious pastries prepared by her condo neighbor, Glenn. Tiffany’s investigations put her in salacious situations and places. As a result, her Nana’s mafia constantly sends intelligence to her mother. In the midst of her investigations, Tiffany deals with concerned phone calls from her overly attentive mother as well as her mother's attempts to set her up.

Though she would like a romantic relationship, she is not willing to settle. Her talent to read body language and personalities is a curse… for her mother. Her mother constantly tries to set her up over family lunch with men who seem more interested in the food.

Green Eyes in Las Vegas is a good book to keep in your beach bag. You get a little bit of everything. This book has humor, excitement, murder, romantic chemistry and tension. There are moments when events seem a bit unrealistic, but this is fiction. Writers can have a little fun with situations that may not be plausible in real life.

The book was published on March 5, 2014. The Kindle version is available on Amazon. Worried you may forget? Add Green Eyes in Las Vegas to your Goodreads account.



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