'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: 'Change of Heart'

By Paige Paswaters,

Grey’s Anatomy last left us with a shocking loss, leaving Cristina with damaged dreams. Some highlights from this week include April and Jackson’s new marriage turning upside down and Karev finally making a decision about his next career choice.

First and foremost, we must address the crisis unfolding in Cristina’s life. Contrary to the hype surrounding Cristina’s odds at winning the Harper Avery, the award went to some smug from Hopkins. But, Yang has far too much grace to show her upset. Instead, she returns to Grey-Sloan Memorial to focus on her patients, the family with heart defects, and lets her colleagues do the griping for her.

The woman that caused all of this upset was none other than Catherine Avery, head of the Avery Foundation and Jackson’s mother. She is known to be a fierce and demanding woman, and she just so happens to be dating Dr. Richard Webber. Webber is sweet enough to fly to Boston the day after the ceremony to spoil his woman. But, Catherine views his visit as a means of desperation to understand why Cristina lost.

Catherine is her typical hardheaded self and spills to Webber that Cristina in fact had the most votes. However, she did not receive the award due to the fact that it would appear to be favoritism. The Avery Foundation funded a substantial amount in order to resurrect their hospital to become Grey-Sloan Memorial. Sadly, Catherine is suggesting there is no chance for any surgeon from Grey-Sloan to win a Harper Avery because of their partnership. It is pure politics.

Obviously, this is information Webber did not want to hear, not only because he was a mentor to Yang but also because it is unjust. Further, Catherine was dead wrong about Webber’s intentions of visiting. The remorse fills Catherine after she shares the politics of the situation and Webber tells her he was planning to propose. His plans, however, died alongside Cristina’s dreams. Instead, he leaves the engagement ring on the desk of her hotel room and heads out the door.

April and Jackson are still on the rocks so soon after Kepner getting the rock. April is still shacking with Callie and Arizona, and April’s chatty mouth doesn’t exactly make her the best roommate. April is realizing she has married into a ruthless family. Her husband thinks her beliefs are preposterous, and her mother-in-law just robbed one of her good friends from the award of her lifetime. Even more, Jackson is parading around the hospital judging everyone’s research. He says the foundation has to consider which research projects are worthwhile and which need to be removed. Naturally, nobody is happy about this. At least Derek and Callie have the White House on their side.

There is some good news in the mix, and that is for Alex Karev. It is bittersweet to see him go, since he is one of the originals. But, things are finally starting to shape up for him and it is about time Karev gets some happiness in his life. That is pretty easy with Dr. Wilson by his side encouraging him every step of the way. Even Arizona is excited for him, with no resentment whatsoever. Alex is officially moving to work at a private practice.

At the end of the episode, Derek’s sister has a meltdown. She watched the kids all day for them as Derek and Meredith spent some quality time in the operating room together – time they cherished. But, when they return home Derek’s sister realizes that being a mother is hard work. She does not have the confidence in herself that she can handle it and is unsure on whether or not she wants to get married.

Meanwhile, April drops a bomb on Jackson. Their fight about their hypothetical children has turned very real, because April is pregnant. It looks like April and Callie will be belly buddies. Additionally, Cristina learns the truth about the award. She has no words and simply leaves the hospital. Maybe this will be the reason Cristina leaves for good.

Next week, Preston Burke and Cristina reunite – a day I could have never predicted!



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