'Growing Up Fisher' recap: 'Desk/Job'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On this week’s episode of Growing Up Fisher, Cheryl and Katie returned a desk and grew a backbone; and Mel and Henry learned how to lose and move on.

At the beginning of the episode, Joyce is trying to pick up a desk she ordered. The woman at the counter says that it isn’t in stock. Joyce tries to fight but the woman doesn’t budge. Even though Joyce paid, she can’t have the desk. But, Mel uses his lawyer skills and tough attitude to force the woman to get Joyce’s desk. And it works.

Joyce takes the desk home and tries to put it together. Like any piece of furniture it is incredibly difficult to do. She asks Katie and her boyfriend, Anthony, for help. Anthony tells Katie that he can’t hang out because he has to go to a thing with his family. So, Katie helps Joyce put together a desk while Anthony is with his family.

After it is together, they decide that they hate it and need to take it back.

Henry is staying home. However, when he tells his father goodbye, they run into the principal. (Or princi-PAL since it is outside of school.) The principal tells Mel that Henry quit the debate team. So, Mel decides to take Henry to work with him. He says that it will be the best day of Henry’s life.

At the furniture story, Joyce and Katie arrive to find that it is very busy. They take a number and realize that this is the opportunity to have girl power. Katie realizes that Anthony lied to her and that Anthony is at a baseball game. So, with her newfound girl power, Katie calls him and breaks up with him for lying.

Joyce, realizing that someone had stolen their number, says that they’re going to wait and catch them and make them give them their number back.

Runyen comes to visit Henry at Mel’s work. They are eating pizza. Runyen tries to cheer him but mostly eats pizza. Mel’s case went really well and they’re waiting for the judge to return with a verdict.

Glenn, Mel’s brother and law firm partner, doesn’t think it is a big deal that Henry quit the debate team. But Mel figures out that Henry needs a win. So, Mel convinces Henry to help Glenn sell raffle tickets. However, after making lots of sales, Henry finds out that Mel set up the entire sale and he is back to feeling bad about himself.

Joyce confronts the man who stole her number. She makes a scene and yells at him. But, it turns out that she didn’t lose her number, it was stuck to her. So, she and Katie just steal the pink desk that she wanted all along, leaving the desk that was originally bought. (It’s funny if you don’t think about it.)

Henry and Mel go into court and find out that Mel lost the case. He tries to argue but the judge tells him to stop. Henry thinks it is awesome. He says that he knows about the ticket scam and that it didn’t help him. However, seeing that his dad can lose, he says that everything will be ok.

At the end, Mel and Katie bring the desk into Joyce’s house.

image via Facebook from Growing Up Fisher



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