'Growing Up Fisher' recap: 'First Time's the Charm'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On this week’s episode of Growing Up Fisher, Mel and Joyce panic over Katie, Henry and Runyen get away with everything and Katie prepares to “do it.”

At the beginning of the episode, Katie has lost her phone. She asks her dad to call it for her. It continues to go to her voicemail but Mel leaves her a message. He says that he loves her and he is proud of her but if she loses her phone then she will be in big trouble. Just as he finishes the voicemail, Katie’s on again/off again boyfriend, Anthony, arrives.

He questions him about the dance. Anthony is awkward and is uncomfortable when he talks about the view of Los Angeles from the hotel room. Mel says that he should have fun and that he will give them money for dinner. Anthony asks if it is a test. Mel says no and gives him a $100 bill and calls it $50. Anthony tells him the true amount and Mel says that he passed the test.

With Joyce, she sees Katie’s phone go off in her laundry. Picking it up, she reads that Katie and Anthony are going to do “it” after the dance. Joyce doesn’t realize what “it” is. She doesn’t want to pry but she is also curious. So, she tries to figure out a way to ask Katie.

Mel is trying to get another first date with Allison. The first two were botched when she had an allergic reaction and when he messed it up. So, Mel invites Allison over for dinner and says that he will cook for her. Allison agrees.

At school, Henry and Runyen get in trouble for throwing a balloon full of salsa out the window. While they were originally trying to hit a target but accidentally hit the vice principal’s car. While Runyen was supposed to get in trouble, Henry took the fall. He said that his parents weren’t as harsh.

As Joyce and Katie were searching for the perfect dress, Joyce broke and asked Katie what the “it” was that she was doing with Anthony. Katie tells Joyce that she can’t tell Mel but that she and Anthony were planning on having sex after the dance.

Joyce tries to play it cool but freaks out. She tries to tell Katie that she is too young but Katie doesn’t really get it. Mel comes over to Joyce’s and asks her to make lemon chicken for him. When Mel and Joyce are talking, Henry slips in and gets Joyce to sign the detention slip without actually reading it.

Joyce comes up with her own plan and goes to talk to Anthony about his prom plans. She pressures him into not sleeping with Katie by talking to him in code about swirled yogurt. Henry decides to test his mother’s limits by trying to get large container of yogurt. Joyce is preoccupied with Anthony so she allows her son and Runyen to get bigger bowls.

Joyce goes to Mel’s house and tells him about how Katie and Anthony were going to have sex after the dance. Mel doesn’t think that Katie is ready. Joyce says that she’s going to go to the hotel to stop them. Mel wants to go to but Joyce won’t drive him.

Allison arrives to Mel’s for the date but he says that they need to leave and she needs to drive. So, reluctantly, Allison drives him to the hotel to stop Katie. They meet Joyce outside of a hotel room.

As they argue inside the room, they realize they have made a mistake. The hotel room that they’re arguing in belongs to another couple with the last name Fisher. Mel accidentally yells at them, not realizing that the couple is not Katie.

Finally they find the room that Katie is supposed to be in and she isn’t there. When they arrive home, Katie is on the couch. She fusses at her parents for trying to stop her. Mel says that he is proud that she didn’t go through with it.

There is a flashback to Anthony and Katie in the hotel. Her phone plays the voicemail that Mel left. When Anthony makes fun of her dad, Katie breaks up with him.

In the last second of the episode, Henry sets off fireworks, finally getting the attention from his parents that he wanted.

Quote of the Night: “They do not need to full on swirl,” -Joyce, using frozen yogurt metaphors to discuss sex.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Growing Up Fisher?

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