'Growing Up Fisher' recap: 'Katie You Can Drive My Car'

By Lauren Wheeler,

This week on Growing up Fisher, Katie got her driver’s license, Mel and Joyce were overbearing parents and Henry became a little stalker.

The episode began with Mel teaching Katie how to drive. He yelled “squirrel in the road” and “bee in the car” to help her prepare. It was clear that he was having difficulty letting go of his little girl. Katie says that she’s trying to take the test seriously and that she just wants to be able to drive on her own.

Joyce reveals that she is having trouble fitting in at school. She says that she can’t relate to any of her classmates. She wishes that they would include her in everything.

Mel realizes that Runyen has been giving Elvis (his seeing eye dog) human food. He says that he can’t do that and that the dog will have to get training so he doesn’t eat human food anymore. Runyen also gives Henry Jenny’s schedule so he can follow her around and spend more time together.

After Katie gets her license, Mel uses the dog training as an excuse to spend more time with her. He says that he’ll have to drive her around.

Joyce runs into her classmates and tries to fit in. They don’t bite. However, when they realize that Joyce has a son, they use him as a guinea pig. Joyce tells them all about her son. However, she pushes the limit when she tells them about Jenny’s schedule. Henry says that he’s done helping her.

Meanwhile, Katie is fed up with her dad. He was annoying at the diner when his order was taking too long. But, when her crush, Conner, began to leave the diner, she offered him a ride. When riding in the back, Mel was on his best behavior until someone rear-ended the car. Then, Mel went into super annoying dad mode and made Conner leave.

Mel says that the reason he acts that way is because, when he was in 8th grade, he was on the rowing team. His coach told him that he didn’t want a blind kid on the team but couldn’t kick him off. So, Mel quit on his own and regretted had it since. Katie said that he was ruining her teenage years.
At the recital, Henry was mad at Joyce and Katie was mad at Mel. Joyce made it up by making people move so Jenny could sit next to Henry.

When the performance, “Cats” was going on, Elvis began to bark at the cats. The director forcefully asked Mel to leave. But, as he began, Katie stopped them. She said that he father had a right to be there and that the director needed to “Back the F- off.”

At the end of the episode, Katie ended up going to the after-party with Conner so everything worked out perfectly.

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