‘House of Cards’ receives Maryland tax credit

By Chelsea Lewis ,

House of Cards season two set records for Netflix and featured plot twists that are still being discussed in online forums. Now the show is moving forward with production on season three in Maryland after receiving tax credits.

Variety reported that the show recently reached a deal with Governor Martin O’Malley.

The production company, Media Rights Capital, that is behind Cards had publicly threatened to leave the state if they would not provide the same level of tax credits that the show received in other seasons. This caused a debate to start amongst lawmakers and certain elected officials said that this move from the production company felt like extortion.

Cards will now be receiving a total of $11.5 million this year in credits. Media Rights Capital was hoping to get at least $15 million from the state in tax credits but the deal was reached for the lower amount.

House of Cards filmed season one and two in Maryland and provided jobs and garnered interest in the state, making it obvious why the state was willing to bend over backwards, The Washington Post added.



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