Houston woman found guilty of murdering boyfriend with stiletto heel

By Michelle Kapusta,

It took the jury two hours to deliberate before they came back with a guilty verdict in the case of a woman who was accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death with a stiletto heel.

According to KHOU, Ana Trujillo showed hardly any emotion as the verdict was read and her fate was sealed on Tuesday.

The jury sided with the prosecution who said that Trujillo stabbed 59-year-old Alf Stefan Andersson at least 25 times in the face with the 5 ½-inch heel.

Trujillo’s lawyers claimed that their client acted in self-defense because Andersson attacked her after a night of drinking. However, the prosecution poked holes in that theory.

The New York Daily News noted that prosecutors countered by pointing out that the 45-year-old did not suffer any injuries from the confrontation, while Andersson had defensive wounds on his hands and wrists.

The $1,500 shoe that Trujillo used as the murder weapon was apparently a gift bought for her by the victim.

She faces life in prison.



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