'How I Met Your Mother' cast reveals their favorite scenes

By Rebekah Penner ,

How could you narrow nine seasons down to one scene? The cast of How I Met Your Mother did.

After more than 200 episodes, the cast of How I Met Your Mother remembered their favorite scenes of the series, reported ABC News.

On Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio, host James Lipton asked the five leads of the series their favorite scene of the show, since the finale episode of the series aired on Monday.

Neil Patrick Harris identified his favorite scene when his character, Barney, breaks out in song after choosing suits over guest star and onscreen romance, Stacy Keibler. Throughout the scene, Harris sings of why he views suits as better than girls. The rest of the cast joins him in the number as well.

Alyson Hannnigan, Lily, chose a much more serious scene as her favorite, with the news of the death of her onscreen husband Marshall’s father, due to the raw and emotional acting both characters had to perform.

Jason Segel, who plays Marshall, chose his favorite scene from the first season when he finds a mix of a cockroach and a mouse and takes it to the Columbia University Biology department but later finds out it got released in his apartment.

Cobie Smulders, stated her favorite scene was when her character Robin is asked about her date the night before, for which she breaks out in the song “Bang, Bang, Bangity, Bang.”

Josh Radnor also chose a scene related to a date on which his character Ted takes his love interest, Stella, when she only has two minutes.

You can watch the full Inside The Actors Studios episode here.



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