Identical twin brothers found dead in home; may have been there for three years

By Victoria Greene,

Identical twin brothers were found dead in their Tennessee home over the weekend and authorities believe they may have died three years ago.

According to WRCBTV, Anthony and Andrew Jackson, 63, were found dead, sitting in reclining chairs in the living room of their home. None of their family members were able to get in touch with them in three years and stated that they wouldn’t have been surprised if the twins moved away without telling anyone.

It was reported that their sister attempted to get into the home in August 2011, but was unable to. She called police, but they refused to force their way into the house.

This past weekend a relative obtained a key and made the startling discovery.

According to The New York Daily News, neighbors were surprised to hear of the deaths because the home was always well maintained, the mail taken in and the lawn well-manicured.

Because the twins had severe diabetes, some neighbors believed they preferred stay inside.

Foul play is not expected as the home was locked up, but autopsies are scheduled to be performed on the skeletal remains.



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