Idina Menzel credits her job with helping her handle separation with husband

By Rebekah Penner ,

Idina Menzel is keeping busy despite her recent split from her husband, Taye Diggs. Menzel acknowledged that her job has kept her from sulking at home about the separation.

“If I didn’t have a job… I’d be home eating a tray of brownies and, you know, watching sad romantic comedies and Bridget Jones-ing it out,” Menzel told CBS Sunday Morning in an interview to be aired on April 6, according to E! News.

After meeting while in Rent at the age of 25, Menzel and Diggs were married for 10 years. The couple announced their separation in December. Menzel and Diggs have one son, Walker, who was born in 2009.

“I just think we’ve grown apart, grown up, grown to a place where we think maybe we can learn new things about ourselves, going on our own separate ways,” Menzel said.

As the only Tony-winning actress to reach the Billboard Top 10, Menzel’s career has recently taken off due to her voice work in the recently proclaimed best animated movie ever, Frozen, for her character, Queen Elsa.

Menzel performed “Let It Go” at the Academy Awards. The song received the Oscar for the Best Original Song.



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