iOS8 to feature upgrades to Siri and iTunes radio

By Amanda Levine ,

‚ÄčThe new iOS will be being previewed in June and there are already countless rumors spreading around on what the new additions and changes will be. Apple product developers are focusing on a big addition to the Siri program on the phone which will allow Siri to identify songs through an iPhone or iPad.

Apple is one of the only popular devises that doesn't feature a song identification program built into the device already. Tech Crunch stated that Apple and Shazam (a music identification program) are pairing up to create a way in which Siri can identify songs quickly and accurately. Although there are many applications in the app store that allow users to identify songs, this will be the first time ever that it will be built in directly into the phone itself. Although reps for both Apple and Shazam refused to comment, it has been reported that more additions will be made to Apple's music system.

Bloomberg reported that Apple also wants to reboot their iTunes Radio. Ideas include making it a stand alone app rather than just built into iTunes, as well as expanding the service out to other countries, something Pandora doesn't offer.



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