Jared Leto says his Oscar is 'filthy' already, he passes it around at parties

By Gina DiFalco,

His Academy Award may be the highlight of his career, but Jared Leto says it’s not in the best condition, despite only getting it last month.

Leto picked up the award for his polarizing role as transgender Rayon in Dallas Buyer’s Club and friends and family have been fawning over it ever since.

He told the Associated Press, "I damaged it. But then I came home and saw it had another nick on it. So it looks like someone else had fun with it, too.”

The 30 Seconds to Mars singer continued to say, “My Oscar is a filthy mess. Everybody was pawing that thing. I kind of was just passing it around at parties. A couple of times I lost sight of it and I thought, `You know, if it goes away, it's not meant to be mine.' But it always seemed to find its way back to me."

The AP notes the Oscar gave Leto a renewed sense of passion for acting, something he had put on the backburner for years to focus on his music.

With the help of his Academy Award, he now has “opportunities to work with people that you really respect or admire, people whose work has been inspiring and influential."



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