Jeff Bridges played Lebowski Fest with The Abiders

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
The Abiders played Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Looking Out My Backdoor"

Lebowski Fest is a place where you can expect to see lots of bowling and blow-up pins, consumption of white Russians, beat-up bathrobes as outfits and even “The Dude” himself. If you’re lucky, you were able to see The Abiders perform live at the two-day festival.

Jeff Bridges, also known as “The Dude” from 1998 cult classic, The Big Lebowski, and his band, The Abiders, performed Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Lookin Out My Backdoor,” which was featured on the film soundtrack, reports UPI.

If you’re familiar with the film, you can picture the exact moment in time where “The Dude” is driving around in his run down car, foot out the window, indulging in some illegal activities and cruising to that exact song.

The band played a thirty-minute set including songs from the 2009 movie which Bridges won an Oscar for.

The festival took place at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles which was fully equipped with parties, screenings of the film, and bowling tournaments, according to the Associated Press.

Even smaller stars from the film like Luis Colina, who portrayed the livid corvette owner, set up shop in the lobby to sign autographs before most of the festivities began.

The two-day Lebowski Fest was not one to miss, especially if you’re a big fan of “The Dude.”



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