Jeff Bridges takes the stage at annual Lebowski Fest

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The annual Lebowski festival that takes place in Los Angeles features fans from all across the world that come to celebrate "The Dude" and all of his glory. This year fans were treated to something special as the dude himself Jeff Bridges took the stage with his band to perform.

The Associated Press reported that Bridges, along with his band, performed a set that lasted around 30 minutes. The set featured Bridges performing songs from his Oscar wining film in Crazy Heart which was released back in 2009.

The celebration of the popular film The Big Lebowski started back in 2002 and lasted for two days. This year's fans filled the Wiltern Theater in midtown Los Angeles to capacity. The festival features musical performances and costume bowling. The festival also includes a screening of the film in which fans shout out their favorite lines and rounds of applause often break out.

NBC Los Angeles reported that often actors from the film will attend the festival to interact with fans.

Matt Goforth, a bartender who was working at the festival, while dressed in costume, was interviewed about why he wanted to work this event. "First of all, I knew it was going to be a good crowd. Second of all, it's a fantastic movie. Thirdly, Jeff Bridges' band is amazing," Goforth detailed.

"It's fun. I've had my picture taken maybe 35 times. It's just a great atmosphere."



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