Jennifer Garner and Kevin Costner star in ‘Draft Day’

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Jennifer Garner attended the premiere of Draft Day on Monday, April 7 in Los Angeles.

She wore a black V-neck jumpsuit, according to the Huffington Post. Garner plays Ali in the film that deals with football and managers.

In the movie, general manager Sonny Weaver rebuilds his team as he trades for the number one pick. Kevin Costner stars as the Cleveland Browns' general manager. The actor thought it was important to get it right.

"If you've ever played the sports you're trying to depict, you don't want people just doing it and messing up completely,” Costner said in an interview to Reuters. “People take it really personally."

Sports films aren’t new for the A-list actor. Costner has appeared in baseball films like Bull Durham and the golf comedy, Tin Cup. The movie was directed by Ivan Reitman. The writers are Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph.

The movie had the approval of the NFL. Actual people involved with the NFL appear in the film. Commissioner Roger Goodell makes a cameo.

The movie will open in theaters on Friday, April 11.



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