John Frusciante literally launches his new LP into space on a rocket

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
'Enclosure' can be tracked via phone app

Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante literally launched his new album, Enclosure, on Saturday, March 29.

Forget figurative language, promotions, and music videos; Frusciante decided to take a literal route and send his piece of work directly into space at a “remote High Desert location in California,” according to Rolling Stone. It was also reported that the album is being held on the Sat-JF14, which is an "experimental Cube Satellite."

Aside from the interesting album release approach, the space-rocket album comes with some interactive fun.

Beginning March 31, fans can download an app, which was created by Frusciante’s label Record Collection and Loducc, which allows users to track the movement of Sat-JF14.

Rolling Stone reports a press release stated, "When Sat-JF14 hovers over a user's geographic location, Enclosure will become unlocked." The music will be available for listening pleasures on all iOs and Android devices.

Sat-JF14 will conclude its transmission on April 7 at midnight, but, until then, have fun tracking and listening to an outer space album. App users can even chat about their experiences with one another on the app's social chat platform.

"This partnership with John Frusciante, Record Collection and Loducca represents a new chapter in our quest to further explore the cosmic relationship between science and art," says Interorbital Systems CEO Randa Milliron.

"ENCLOSURE is a musical masterpiece and we're thrilled to be able to utilize our proprietary space technology to facilitate this unprecedented form of space-enhanced distribution," as stated in a Press Release, according to Rolling Stone.

If you’re not digging the space talk, Frusciante’s 11th LP will be available on April 8 through easier methods, as reported by Spin. Until then, the album will be traveling way above the stratosphere.

Listen to a "down to earth" song off of the LP here:



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