John Oliver got 'abusive' text message from his friends in the UK when his teary-eyed 'Daily Show' episode aired (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

When John Oliver left The Daily Show after over seven years for a new HBO show, host Jon Stewart surprised him with a tribute which left him teary-eyed.

During an appearance on Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Oliver explained that once the episode aired in the UK, his friends started teasing him about it.

"I knew the minute it went out because I started getting abusive texts from my friends back home. Oh you are not crying on American TV. Tell me this gets funny soon. Lose this number. Never call me again,’” he said, LA Times reports.

He went on to explain the culture in the UK is to not show any emotion whatsoever.

“We're suspicious of emotion," he said. “It's weakness.... You are bringing shame upon your family name to show emotion of any color."

Oliver explained he lost it when Stewart asked him if he was “all right,” and he then gave him an endearing hug to end his 7 1/2-year run.



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