John Oliver talks HBO freedoms on 'The Daily Show' (Video)

By Ian Walker,

John Oliver dropped by his former home at The Daily Show Thursday night to chat with Jon Stewart, where he was very excited to express all of the newfound freedom he has over at HBO.

Oliver’s new show, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, premieres Sunday at 11 p.m. on the pay cable network, and he was giddy to share with Stewart all the things he can now get away with.

“It’s amazing. HBO will let me say whatever the f*** I want,” said Oliver, according to Entertainment Weekly. “And the nudity, I’m pantless in my first three episodes.”

With his new show only airing one day a week, Oliver was also eager to share the ways he’s been spending all of his spare time.

“I get to go outdoors and see the…um,” Oliver started.

“Sun,” Stewart replied, according to TheWrap.

Stewart seemed happy for his former correspondent, if not a little tired for how much Oliver seemed to be rubbing the HBO-ness in his face.

“I get it. HBO is a wonderland of expletives and a forest of dongs,” said Stewart. “Oh, so you’ve seen Game of Thrones then,” replied Oliver.

Oliver guest-hosted The Daily Show last summer, while Stewart was away directing a movie. He left the fake news program last December to begin working on his new show.

Watch Oliver and Stewart’s conversation in the clip below.



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