John Woo's 'The Crossing' to be released in 3D

By Chelsea Lewis ,

John Woo’s latest film The Crossing is being converted in 3D before it is released in theaters across the world. 3D has been a growing trend in China and the nation's new movie theaters are being built and equipped with 3D projection screens.

The Crossing will be released in two parts of China and in some additional parts of Asia. The movie stars some well known actors in China including; Zhang Ziyi, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Huang Xiaoming and Tong Dawei, Variety reported.

The movie was produced on a budget of $50 million and focuses on multiple couples whose destiny is closely tied to the events that unfolded in revolutionary China. It shows a sinking of a passenger ship that is carrying some of the main characters to Taiwan.

The film is being compared to Titanic, but the producers of the film are rejecting that comparison.

The Hollywood Reporter added that The Crossing will be the first film that Woo directed in over four years.



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