Johnny Weir and husband Victor Voronov have decided to get back together (Report)

By Shaunice Conyers,

Johnny Weir and his husband Victor Voronov are considering getting back together after announcing they were heading for a divorce.

TMZ exclusively reports that Weir and Voronov will not go through with their plans to divorce. The pair have reportedly come to an agreement and are getting back together.

Weir is moving back into the home he shares with Voronov. However, Voronov will only go through with the reconciliation if Weir agrees to issue a public apology to Voronov for all the hurtful things he said about him and if Weir agrees in writing to have his mother butt out of their marriage and finances.

According to Page Six, after announcing that they were divorcing, Weir claimed that he was financially supporting Voronov and that Voronov didn't appreciate Weir's work schedule.

Weir told Access Hollywood: "We were fighting in such a terrible way and it did get physical . . . it’s unfortunate that things went the way that it did because domestic violence is never the way to go."

A representative for Voronov acknowledged that the duo had a domestic dispute, but stated that it was Weir who got arrested and that Voronov decided not to press charges after Weir convinced him to do so.



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