Jon Hamm talks dating clip on 'Late Late Show'

By Ian Walker,

Last week a “fabulous” clip of Jon Hamm appearing on a ‘90s dating show surfaced on the internet, and the famously handsome Hamm got a chance to speak for it on Tuesday night.

Appearing on The Late Late Show, host Craig Ferguson had some fun with the tape and reliving that archived relic from Hamm’s past. Hamm was a delightfully good sport about the whole thing, but was quick to point out that he ultimately did not get picked.

This slight on Hamm’s behalf clearly annoyed Ferguson, as Entertainment Weekly points out. “I’m very annoyed that you didn’t get picked though, it seems not fair,” said Ferguson.

“I’m not,” said Hamm graciously. “Think of how the world could have changed.”

Thankfully, we live in a world where Jon Hamm does not have goofy, floppy hair, so things probably worked out for the best.

Check out Hamm and Ferguson’s chat below:



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