Julia Louis-Dreyfus has sex with a clown in GQ, they have a clown baby

By Gina DiFalco,

Following her recent controversy with her nude Rolling Stone cover, Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus has sex with a clown in the May issue of GQ.

The photos were shot by photographer Mark Seliger, and show the actress naked and simulating sex with a man dressed as a clown. She even wears the iconic red clown nose in the photos.

More photos depict Louis-Dreyfus, 53, with her lover sharing a clown baby. She made the magazine’s 15 Funniest People Alive list.

In another recent shoot, Louis-Dreyfus posed naked for the cover of Rolling Stone but that wasn’t what had people talking.

The cover featured the Constitution on her naked back, but it featured a signature on the bottom left by John Hancock. He didn’t sign the Constitution – he signed the Declaration of Independence. The signature, said a spokesman for the magazine, wasn’t an error but a joke for fans of Veep.

“The Julia Louis-Dreyfus cover mirrors the farcical tone of HBO’s Veep, and the signature is an Easter egg for fans of the show. I think it's great that everyone is talking about our cover."



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