Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Rolling Stone cover called out for historical inaccuracy, spokesman says it's a 'Veep' joke

By Gina DiFalco,

It’s been revealed that there’s a glaring mistake on Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Rolling Stone cover, in which she appears nude with the U.S. Constitution written on her naked back.

The cover features a signature on the bottom left by John Hancock, however, he didn’t sign the Constitution – he signed the Declaration of Independence.

Dreyfus has responded on Twitter in typical comedic fashion, writing “In my defense, ‘I was in a drunken stupor’ #crackexcuse.”

image via Twitter from Julia Louis-Dreyfus

She then referenced the Veep character, Mike McClintock, played by actor Matt Walsh, writing, “Hancock signed Dec. of Independence NOT Constitution.Yet another Mike f--k-up.Dummy.#veep #crackexcuse.”

CBS News reports McClintock is the fictional communications director, who serves under Dreyfus’ character Vice President Selina Meyer.

Rolling Stones spokesman has since responded, saying it wasn’t an error but rather a joke for fans of Veep. “The Julia Louis-Dreyfus cover mirrors the farcical tone of HBO’s Veep, and the signature is an Easter egg for fans of the show. I think it's great that everyone is talking about our cover."

The spokesman said the joke is that the tattoo artist’s name is John Hancock.



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