Kylie Minogue shares her secret to finding eligible men and working with Pharrell

By Amy Michura,

Australian singer Kylie Minogue appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside Russell Crow, Cameron Diaz and Richard Ayoade, where she talked about how she finds men and her experience working with Pharrell Williams.

Minogue, who is 45, has had previous relationships with Olivier Martinez and Andres Velencoso. So despite her current single relationship status, one could assume that Minogue is confident in the relationship department.

However, on The Graham Norton Show, Minogue shared that there’s “not that many” men who work up the courage to ask her out and that her team often helps her.

“It’s not vetting, but you kind of have to have your eyes open. It’s as awkward for me as it is for anyone,” Minogue said according to OK.co.uk.

Minogue also discussed what she’s been up to musically since she signed onto Jay Z’s record label Roc Nation last year, according to Billboard.

On her new album Kiss Me Once, Minogue teams up with Pharrell.

“Two days in the studio with Pharrell was a dream come true. My first day was okay although I was probably a bit on edge but I got through it,” Minogue said, according to OK.

The second day, Minogue gave Pharrell quite the surprise when he saw her.

“On day two, as I arrive the first person I see is Pharrell, who asked how I was, and I fell to pieces and wept,” Minogue shared. “It was so not cool! He was very sweet and nice. It was one of those days and he talked me through it.”



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