Lady Gaga's unpolished photos for Versace ad leaked

By Rebekah Penner ,

Yet another scandal has unfolded between Lady Gaga and her latest apparent Photoshop treatment. The unpolished photo from her Versace ads was leaked.

The latest photo shows visibly different complexions, hair and makeup, reported Aceshowbiz. In the untouched photos feature Gaga with a very pale complexion and dark circles under her eyes.

The picture also shows Gaga’s hair with a more golden tone and bruises on her legs. It appears Gaga’s makeup was done after the picture was taken through the use of Photoshop. Her arm appears to be much slimmer in official ads, according to The Huffington Post.

This latest news about the retouched photos is not the first time Gaga has found herself in such a controversy. Back in 2012, Gaga and Vogue received criticism because her September cover was allegedly retouched, reported The Huffington Post. In a sneak peak of the photoshoot, Vogue released very different images and video of Gaga than the photo that appeared on the cover of the magazine.



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