Las Vegas man accused of killing mother and sister, bloody chain saw and severed bodies found in home

By Erica Albanese,

A man in Las Vegas is being accused of murdering both his mother and his sister, then staying inside their home with the decomposing bodies.

Darius Davon Sorrells, 30, has been ordered by a judge in North Las Vegas to be held without bail while prosecutors prepare to press charges against him for the murder of his mother Janice Burden and sister Natasha Sorrells.

According to The New York Daily News, police believe that Sorrells killed the two women and dismembered their bodies. He continued to live in the house with their remains.

Burden and Sorrells were reported missing by friends and colleagues on Friday, after the two women hadn’t been heard from for a couple of days, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Police visited the house over the weekend to deliver welfare checks, but it wasn’t until Monday when they entered the house through an open back door and discovered the bodies.

Police found the sister’s body dismembered in the bathtub while the mother’s body was described to be a “mummy," wrapped tightly in layers of plastic, according to The Associated Press. They discovered a bloody handprint on the wall, flesh on the floor, and a bloody chainsaw along with knives and screw drivers on the kitchen counter.

“It appears, based on the timeframe and the evidence in the house that the murder suspect was probably in the home with these women deceased for several days," Sgt. Chrissie Coon said. "Steps were taken to try to clean up the crime scene and contain evidence.”

Sorrells remains the only suspect in the murder and motives are unknown. Prosecutors have until April 9 to file charges.



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