Lea Michele reveals skin on set of new music video 'On My Way'

By Gabrielle Washington,

Lea Michele showed some skin on the set of her new music video, "On My Way."

Although she has a much more conservative look for her character, Rachel Berry, on the hit television show Glee, she let it all hang out on the set of her new music video. According to the New York Daily News, Michele let it all hang loose as she shot the video, including getting in and out of a classic black Mustang convertible.

Since she shot the video in Palmdale, Calif. a bathing suit made for tanning makes a lot of sense. Pictures by POPSUGAR show that Michele's music video takes place in a tropical setting definitely ready for the summer.

She is not just wearing a bathing suit, but also many different pairs of high-waisted shorts as she dances in the California desert.

Filming this weekend must have been fun for the rising star, and now many anticipate what could come next. She recently released her solo album, Louder.



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