Lea Michele suffers wardrobe malfunction on the set of her new music video

By Francisco Flores,

Lea Michele suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the set of her new music video this past Saturday.

The NSFW photos of the wardrobe malfunction were reported by the Daily Mail. Michele was shooting a video for her next single, “On My Way.” The song is the third single off her debut album, Louder. The album debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in its first week.

Michele was wearing a pink top with jean shorts and a white cardigan-like sweater. Michele’s top slipped a little too low and revealed a private part of her body. She quickly caught the malfunction and pulled her top back up before continuing the shoot.

The shoot lasted all day Saturday. On Friday, she teased fans with a tweet:

On Sunday, she posted 13 behind-the-scenes photos of the video shoot, including this one:

image via Instagram from Lea Michele

Earlier last week, TMZ reported a fallout on the Glee set between Michele and co-star Naya Rivera. Rivera reportedly was fed up with Michele’s attitude on set and brought it up to producers on the show. There are two completely different sides to the story being told to TMZ, and neither star has commented on the situation.



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