At least six confirmed dead from sunk South Korean ferry, hundreds still missing

By Kyle Johnson,

At least six have been confirmed dead as a result of the South Korean ferry capsizing on Wednesday with hundreds, mostly schoolchildren, still missing. About 280 people remain unaccounted for and only 176 have been rescued.

As previously reported, the South Korean ferry heading towards the island of Jeju early Wednesday morning suddenly capsized with 459 people on board, with at least 300 being children.

USA Today reports the ferry was traveling along a different route because it was behind schedule due to fog. It was traveling fine when people reported hearing a loud bang and the ferry suddenly began listing to the side.

A 57-year-old survivor spoke with Yonhap news agency and said, "There was a bang, and then the ship suddenly tilted over." Another described the event by saying, "the ship felt like it flipped on its side violently."

According to CNN, after the ship began sinking someone went on the loudspeaker and told people to either grab life vests and jump into the cold ocean or remain where they were and wait for help. CNN affiliate YTN said the recording announced, "Don't move. If you move, it's dangerous. Don't move."

People are worried that many of those missing decided to remain where they were and are likely dead. A survivor said, "Kids were forced to stay put. So only some of those who moved survived."

ABC News Seoul Bureau chief Joohee Cho recently tweeted that two more bodies were discovered.

Divers are currently searching the ferry, hoping that people found pockets of air and are still alive.

image via Twitter from Joohee Cho



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