'Lion King' Australia cast breaks out into 'Circle of Life' while on plane (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

The video that went viral on the Internet Tuesday was another one that couldn't help but make you smile. The Australian cast of The Lion King broke out into song while on a plane, singing “The Circle of Life” for the other passengers and the crew.

In the video, members of the cast just begin singing the song, and boarding passengers are smiling, instantly recognizing the tune. The crew is enjoying the song, too. They were impressed to see singers just give a free performance of the most famous song from the show.

Since it was posted on Tuesday, the video has already reached 2.9 million views. It has earned thousands of comments, with many saying that it made their day to see such a happy moment. It also reached 24,809 up votes from viewers.

The Lion King musical is based on the hit Disney film, with songs by Elton John and Tim Rice. It has become the most successful Broadway show of all time, as the first to reach $1 billion in total gross on Broadway, where it has been performed since 1997. The worldwide tour has grossed $5 billion.



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