Lionsgate makes content pact with RocketJump

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Lionsgate, the studio behind The Hunger Games, Twilight and Divergent, has reached a content agreement with RocketJump Studios, a digital studio known for producing YouTube content. Lionsgate will join many other Hollywood studios who are making sure they have a digital presence online.

Variety reported that under the new deal, Lionsgate will have access to RocketJump's current and upcoming digital content, along with in-house talent and fan base.

Rocketjump was founded four years ago Freddie Wong, Matt Arnold and Dez Dolly. Since the company was created they have launched a wide range of YouTube properties along with their main website. Rocketjump currently has over 6.8 million subscribes and over a billion views, the companies said in a statement posted on Deadline.

"This partnership unites two entrepreneurial companies with similar cultures and a shared commitment to build new models for creating and delivering content to the next generation of audiences,” Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said in a joint statement.

“Lionsgate stood out as the one studio that really gets our brand and will give us the freedom to flourish as digital content creators and distributors," Wontg added about the partnership. "It’s rare to find a corporate partner who encourages true creativity, but our meetings with Lionsgate’s creative team convinced us that this is the right move for RocketJump and our millions of fans."



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