Lorde meets 'Royal' inspiration George Brett

By Kyle Lubelski,

On Tuesday night, just before her concert, Grammy award winning singer Lorde finally met MLB Hall of Famer George Brett, the man responsible for inspiring her hit single “Royal.”

TMZ picked up the story first, reporting that Lorde met Brett and his wife just hours before her concert at the Cosmopolitan. The 17-year-old star told VH1 last year that “Royal” wasn’t inspired by actual royalty, but instead by an image of a man signing baseball autographs, wearing a jersey with the word “royal” on it.

She commented, "I really love that word…I'll pick a word and I'll pen an idea to that. It was just that word that I was like, ‘This is really cool.'"

The image was a 1976 National Geographic picture of Kansas City third baseman George Brett. Lorde’s mother, Sonja Yelich, told the a href=http://www.kansascity.com/2014/04/15/4962015/report-george-brett-finally-meeting.html>Kansas City Star in March that the New Zealand teen collected National Geographic’s when she was younger. Though they just met, the baseball icon sent Lorde an autographed jersey during a Kansas City concert with a short message, “Lorde, you are Royal to me."

Besides meeting Brett, Lorde stood as a bridesmaid at Las Vegas’ Little White Chapel.

Image via Twitter from MLB



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