'Mad Men' Episode 2: 'A Day's Work' Recap

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
Don comes clean to his daughter about his secrets

Don Draper is toiling at home in his time away from work. He wakes up past noon and watches TV most of the day. He is mostly in his pajamas until the time that Dawn, his secretary from Sterling Cooper, visits him at his apartment. During their meetings, Don changes into his suit and takes a briefing from his secretary.

Draper's daughter Sally makes an escape from her boarding school to go shopping in the city. While there, she wanders into Sterling Cooper to visit her dad, who is nowhere to be found. Instead, she meets Lou Avery-- Don's replacement who works out of Don's old office. Don has been keeping his hiatus from work a secret from his entire family.

Sally waits for Don to arrive at his apartment, and that's where the confrontation begins. Don drives her back to school, but during the trip back the two have a long talk about the lying that has gone on between them. Sally even confronts him about Sylvia, who she caught in bed with Don the previous season. Don reveals to Sally why he feels he had to lie about his job situation, and explains to her the reason he was put on leave by Sterling Cooper. By the end of the show, he gets an 'I love you' from Sally, leaving him perplexed.

Peggy Olson has a very hard time doing her work after she receives a large vase of roses for Valentine's day. Peggy suspects that the gift came from Ted Chaough, and it has her upset with her secretary. By her own admission, she says she can't get anything done. She finds that her only solution is to get rid of her secretary.

Out in Los Angeles, Pete Campbell and Ted Chaough are trying to get at a large account of a Chevy dealer association. The partners in New York have an objection, since it might be seen by their General Motors partners as going over their heads. Throughout the episode, we see Pete getting much closer with his beautiful Realtor, Bonnie.

Also, Joan Harris moved into a much bigger and better office right by the rest of the partners, since he is handling a heavier amount of account executive work.



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