Man dresses as woman for two months to stop alleged predator

By Francisco Flores,

A police officer in Western Pennsylvania dressed as an Amish woman for two months to help catch a potential child predator.

The Huffington Post reported that officer Chad Adams decided to help out the community after reports began pouring in of a man who was exposing himself to children on their way to and from school.

The Amish community in New Wilmington was surprisingly on board with this odd way of catching a criminal. They lent Adams some women’s clothing so he could go undercover and began getting safer ways for children to get home and to school. He began his undercover watch in December of 2013.

After the undercover case began, the suspected predator was not seen. It wasn’t until they heard that a neighboring community had someone in custody for similar crimes that they called off the assignment.

The case has since been called off and Adams posted a photo of himself in Amish women’s clothing on the Pulaski Township Police Department’s Facebook page, reported The Liberty Voice.

The suspected predator has yet to be charged with a sexual offense because many of the families whose children were targeted are not allowing the children to testify.

image via Facebook from Pulaski Township Police Department



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