Man gets 23 years for shooting sparked by hair weave insult

By Michelle Kapusta,

Denzel Holder was sentenced to 23 years behind bars for shooting a man who tried to stop a group of women from brawling over something as ridiculous as hair extensions.

According to the New York Daily News, Holder was sentenced to more than two decades in prison for the shooting death of Shawn Williams.

"It started with a group of women who had a foolish argument over a hair weave," said Supreme Court Justice Alan Marrus. "What a senseless tragedy."

In August of 2011, Williams tried to break up a fight with his girlfriend and several other women over an insult about her hair weave. Holder was dating one of the women involved in the brawl and shot the 27-year-old Williams multiple times in the back.

The New York Post noted that in February a jury found Holder guilty of manslaughter and gun charges.

The max sentence that the judge could have opposed on him was 25 years, however, he could be released in 17 years.



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