Man tries to get $140 out of an ATM, ends up with $37,000

By Rebecca Walezak,

A man went to a bank in Maine to get $140 out of the ATM and got quite the surprise. He ended up with $37,000 in cash coming out after an error occurred on the machine.

According to the Associated Press, police were called when a woman who was waiting to use the ATM felt that the man in front of her was using it for an unusually long amount of time. South Portland police came to the bank early Thursday morning to find the accused man stuffing the cash into a shopping bag.

The bank has decided to not press charges because the money was immediately returned to them. However, police are still continuing an investigation. The man has not been charged at this time and has therefore not been identified yet.

11 Alive reports that the bank is blaming the malfunction to be a “code error” on the ATM. They have reassured their customers that no accounts were affected by the system issue.



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