Map rates states based on 'fertility friendliness'

By Amanda Stewart,

A new map released Monday ranks states based on their “fertility friendliness.”

This map, according to The Huffington Post, measures the insurance “climate” and the number of fertility specialists/support groups compared to the number of women with infertility living in that region.

Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey were the only states to receive an “A” rating on the map, while Alaska, Wyoming and New Hampshire all received an “F.”

"You've got more than 25 states with a 'C' grade or worse. From my perspective, that does not bode well," said Barbara Collura, president and CEO of Resolve, a nonprofit that promotes reproductive health. "Infertility is a disease that affects millions of people. What this map is showing is that there are huge disparities based on where you live."

According to NBC, one in eight couples have trouble getting pregnant in the United States. This new map makes it evident that the problem could be more than simply genetics.

Resolve hopes that the release of this map will motivate individuals to take action to improve their state€™'s fertility friendliness, and to understand that they can be part of a larger movement that can impact change in their state.



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