Maryland Police hunt for man with face full of tattoos

By Michelle Kapusta,

Police in Maryland are searching for a man with a face full of tattoos for allegedly stealing a gun.

According to WABC, authorities are looking for Antoine Petty, who is wanted for allegedly stealing a gun from an acquaintance.

The 30-year-old shouldn’t take too long to track down considering he is what police call “unique looking.”

Petty stands out because he has several tattoos covering most of his face.

The New York Daily News reported that per his most recent mug shot, Petty’s distinct tattoos include a crucifix on his forehead, a balloon on his cheek and a smiley face on the tip of his nose. His other facial art consists of the word “destini” in blank ink on his chin and what looks like several letters and horns on his forehead.

Officials are confident that after releasing a photograph and description of the suspect that someone will recognize him and come forward.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact police.



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