McDonald's one-ups Taco Bell’s funny breakfast ad

By Francisco Flores,

McDonald’s is taking mockery in a funny yet controversial way.

After Taco Bell began airing a commercial featuring men named Ronald McDonald who enjoyed their new breakfast items, McDonald's shot back with an ad mocking them.

The Huffington Post reported that McDonald’s posted a photo of Ronald McDonald the Clown’s body petting a Chihuahua. Of course, the Chihuahua represents Taco Bell. Even though the Mexican fast food company ended its Chihuahua campaign in 2000, they are still associated with it whether they like it or not.

The caption that accompanied the advertisement read “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Though they didn’t directly address Taco Bell as the dog, it's strongly implied since their commercial took a jab at them. Representing Taco Bell as a small dog could possibly represent that they are harmless and “all bark with no bite” as well as poking fun at the chain.

In February, the New York Daily News reported that Taco Bell would feature breakfast items on its menu. Some of the items on the new menu would be a.m. versions of classic Taco Bell dishes.

Enjoy the video of Taco Bell mocking McDonald’s in their commercial below.

To see McDonald’s comeback ad, click here.



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