McDonald's takes on Taco Bell’s waffle taco with McGriddle sandwich

By Michelle Kapusta,

In the continuing breakfast battle of the fast-food giants, McDonald’s is attempting to fight off Taco Bell’s waffle taco, with its McGriddle sandwich.

According to TIME, after Taco Bell unveiled its waffle taco and took a shot at McDonald’s in a commercial promoting its new breakfast, McDonald’s is fighting back with a new McGriddle campaign.

The McGriddle, which was introduced in 2003, is a pancake wrapped muffin sandwich complete with bacon, egg and cheese inside.

Earlier this month, McDonald’s gave away free coffee to counter Taco Bell’s jump into the breakfast competition. Now, the company is hoping that the new marketing strategy of the sandwich will keep McDonald’s in the lead for breakfast choices.

BurgerBuisness.com noted that McDonald’s average per-store sales are $1 million higher than the Taco Bell’s average sales.

Last year, breakfast sales were on the rise nationwide, while lunch and dinner sales fell. With that in mind, everyone wants a piece of the breakfast market, so don’t expect the companies to stop sparring anytime soon.



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