MGM announces director who will helm rebooted 'Pink Panther’ movie

By Chelsea Lewis ,

MGM has announced that David Silverman will be directing the upcoming Pink Panther reboot. Silverman is known for his work as a producer and a director on The Simpsons.

Silverman also worked on The Simpsons Movie and Pixar's Monsters Inc.

This reboot will not feature the iconic character of Jacques Clouseau, instead it will focus on the cartoon Panther. The Panther was featured at the end of credits of the last reboot which stared Steve Martin and had an entire animated series, Variety reported. It also appeared on the original films' title credits as well.

Other than the James Bond films, The Pink Panther is the longest running series franchise in movie history. The franchise has spun off 11 films that have been released over five decades.

Walter Mirisch will be working on the film as a producer along with Julie Andrews, widow of Blake Edwards, who directed seven of Panther films.

Deadline reported that Jonathan Glickman, president of MGM’s motion picture group, explained that the studio is excited to bring these classic characters back to the big screen for a new generation.

"We are incredibly proud to re-introduce the Pink Panther to a brand new generation in such a fresh way. Even more exciting is the chance to work again with our dear friends Walter Mirisch and Julie Andrews, as well as the talented David Silverman, whose enthusiasm convinced us to ‘Think Pink!,'" said Glickman.



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